Welcome Aboard

So you’ve decided to join me in this journey…welcome aboard!

You might be thinking why am I here? I don’t need to use sex toys. Everything in my sex life is great. Okay, that may be true but I’m not sure I believe that, ha ha. Finding new ways to connect with your partner can enhance your sexual experience as well as open the lines of communication, which in itself is very sexy!

So how did I get here, you might be thinking. Well, I have spend 7 collect years in the pleasure products (porn for those of you who want to put a label on it) industry. And what I have come to know is that women are looking for a way to satisfy their sexual desires and not feel dirty about it. I have talked to countless women who feel so embarrassed or ashamed that one, they don’t have orgasms regularly and two, they want to but not sure how.

Enter HerNovelTease. We are here to help you find your sexual “sweet spot”. Once you try out a pleasure product, vibrator, sex toy…whatever you’d like to call it, you will feel so empowered you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

On this blog you will learn about types of sex toys, how to use them alone or with a partner, and how to introduce them confidently into your sexual repertoire.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey of sexual self-discovery and learning about your body and what makes it purrrr!

I welcome questions and comments, but please remember we are keeping it sex positive and classy here. I’d love to hear your feedback and questions, so please leave a comment below so we can start the conversation.

With many thanks!



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